Airograph are a Data Processing and Photogrammetry solution, who supply at both consumer and enterprise level for drone data applications. The utilisation of modern technology and a skill set built upon experience, allows the team to not just deliver market leading quality products – but achieving fast turnaround and unparalleled customer service.

Data Processing

It is as simple as you send us your data and let us know what your requirements are. We then run the data through our servers, in order to provide you with the outputs you require in a minimal amount of time. We keep you updated throughout and you are never left in the dark as to what is happening behind the scenes. We are fully catered to offer you all forms of Photogrammetry solutions, including all aspects of 2D and 3D Modelling. We will also host your data for online viewing for your client upon request.

Project Management

Sometimes it can be a daunting task to handle a project as a sole Operator. To date, we have handled massive projects scaling in excess of 30,000 images for just one project. We can assist you with the planning, research and development of your tasking in order to fully implement it. We have found this to be a rewarding option and many operators like yourself have benefitted from it. Allow us to take the pressure off while you concentrate on your clients experience. Industry experience helps us provide you with valuable knowhow.

Enterprise Solutions

Are you an enterprise or mainstream company looking to outsource your data requirements? Allow us to take control of your projects and provide you with a service allowing all data needs to be taken care of. More and more businesses are researching this as a bolt on to their in house data processing. Maybe you have a backlog and client deadlines to meet? This allows you to place more focus on getting the data collection in place and on time, without the worry of deadlines and targets closing fast.

"A shout out to Andy Cooke here of Airograph who trialled and processed several datasets, including the illustrated orthomosiac and a DSM, of a tri-linear collection via a Phantom 4 Pro of a rail line which might be familiar to some here who’ve previously attended my Drone Mapping Workshops. Absolutely flawless processing by Airograph - even with the very fine linear features/spatial size of the line itself that other processing applications that I’ve used have struggled to detect and successfully mosaic the source imagery together."
Andy Carman
Managing Director ARC Aerial Imaging
"Andy saw my first attempt of a 3D model processed by DD and asked if he could have a go at it. Sent images to him and received the results back today. What can l say, its more like a photo than a 3D model. He has brought out so much detail that he has made me look like l knew what l was doing."
Ron Firth
Independent CAA PfCO Operator

We are working closely alongside a number of British companies who have the sole intention to bring you nothing but the best

Our goal is to continue to offer highly competitive pricing based on a simple structure and not to mention our drive and focus, to continually improve their workflows through research and development.

Who do we work with and what do they do?

Airograph work and collaborate with a number of key companies in todays technical industry. We work alongside these companies in order to provide you with the best all rounded service, with respect to Technical UAV applications and Photogrammetry.