Data Processing

Whatever your data requirement is, the magic that we do provides you with a bespoke product. That being a market leading deliverable solution in terms of service and quality and this is key to what we do. We are not about maximising on customer volume or high throughput, quality should never be compromised.

This is one of the reasons we tailor our products to you, think of us as a virtual addition to your office, certainly a key part of the chain within your project lifecycle.

If you have landed on our site then there is a good chance you have a good idea about who we are and what we do. We are not about scripting or robotic processing, we engage fully in what needs to be done and keep you well informed as we progress through the various stages.


We are not a cloud based service nor do we remotely store your data. Everything is kept in house and we are in the process of complying with the GDPR guidelines that are due to hit the shores in 2018. Customer data and security is paramount and this is one of the reasons we do not ‘cloud’ anything that we do. That said, the basis of data transfer to us can be via various means, we offer the ability to have server access to your own personal location within the server for uploading, downloading and management of your files within Airograph. This is generally via an FTP Client which will be discussed with you at a later date.


The examples shown below are of images taken as screen grabs during the different stages of a client project, from which they surveyed a quarry site in Northern England, UK. They needed a series of outputs from the dataset in order to fulfil their clients brief. The final image is from a Tiled Model which provides the client with a high level of detail throughout. Not just the model but Orthomosaic, Digital Elevation and Contoured data was required.

Data Upload for Production

Sparse Cloud Generation

Dense Cloud Generation

Shap 000
Shap 002

Final Outputs for Deliverable Data