Our Services

At Airograph, we take passion in everything that we do! Having experienced the industry as operators as well as having to rely upon 3rd party data solutions, Airograph was born out of the need to introduce and offer tailor made data processing solutions. The aim to provide without the confusing pricing structures, image limitations and general value for money while quality is not compromised.

Our pricing structure has been designed to benefit the low key operator who only requires datasets produced on an ad lib basis. We appreciate that it is not always possible to generate enough flying tasks per month, to warrant a subscription. To that end, we have introduced the Pay as You Fly (PAYF) system. Our aim is to remain fluid with you and to be able to work to your needs as oppose to a rigid system. That does not give you flexibility in your work.

High volume data projects will be assessed and discussed with you, in order to bring you the best and most accurate pricing for your project. We understand that there may be an offset between file size and amount, so this will be taken in to consideration. Whether from a GoPro to a Sony A7Rii and beyond, we can cater.


With regards to 3D modelling where we are looking at producing data specifically for this output (i.e. not from standard 2D Orthomosaic based capture), we will discuss this with you at the time of application.


Airograph will always work with you and communicate regularly, in order to find the best solution for you and your client at the best price. Quality is NEVER compromised. 


Annual subscription opportunities are available and we base these on 11 months charge rates, so you get of access to Airograph for the full year at a discounted rate.




“We will beat any service provider out there with our Ground Control Point (GCP) incorporation service into your datasets. If you happen find a better service and price elsewhere – we will price match because we are confident you will not achieve better GCP incorporation anywhere else but with Airograph”